Wow! What a journey. In 15 years we’ve grown from an ambitious (and peckish) crew of 15 to a passionate (still peckish) team of 1,800, dedicated to delivering a great food experience to over 14 million customers. We’ve created a world of choice and built a robust platform, working with over 64,000 restaurant partners serving everything from pizza to pad thai, burgers to burritos.

Now we’re busy working on ways to amaze our customers with new ways of finding the food they love from a still-expanding world of choice.

Our new purpose – helping people find their flavour – sits at the heart of everything we do. Let’s match a customer’s every mood with the perfect food; any occasion, any location, at any moment. And let’s get it to them fast, whenever and wherever they want it.

We’re chuffed with what we’ve built and the countless moments of joy we’ve brought people, everywhere. But we’re not satisfied. Not yet.

More about our Brand Story

Our brand

Our design principles

We’re not robots and neither are our customers. We hand-build things with delight and a pinch of je ne sais quoi.

1. Be real, for real people

We get our customers’ personal needs and appetites, and do everything we can to satisfy them at just the right time.

2. Just for you

Everything we do must make it easier for our customers to find their favourite meal.

3. Easy as pie. Or pizza. Or pad thai

We earn our customers’ trust by consistently nailing the basics. Then blow them away with innovations that amaze.

4. Trusted to innovate

We're larger than life and won't be mistaken for anyone else. Customers want to spend time with us, other brands want to be us.

5. Uniquely us

Design essentials

Global consideration and localisation

Consistency wherever possible & practical

Physical usability is essential

You love ordering out. We love ordering out. Everyone loves ordering out.

So we designed Just Eat to be easy to use by everyone. Accessibility is about far more than just compliance for us. To be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible is simply good business sense – and the right thing to do.

Essential requirements for all Just Eat digital design work.

We use live text wherever possible in our digital products for ease of localisation. And we’re working hard to reach complete feature parity between our core apps and responsive website.

We considered everything when re-designing the Just Eat experience, with the aim of using consistent elements across all our platforms. Any exceptions have to be approved by an expert UX team and documented within our style guides.

All our UI elements must adhere to a minimum font size and/or touch area size, as relevant. Any text that needs to be smaller than the minimum must be approved as an exception by the UX lead.


Research methodology

We are in the process of developing a unified design system. As if we didn't have enough on our plates.

Just Eat has grown very quickly and we've built scalable, robust products serving over 14 million customers. This exceptional growth has led to challenges – in design as well as engineering. With a multitude of platforms as well as multiple designers and stakeholders, we decided it was time to develop a unified language with which to harmonise our design processes.

We're taking inspiration from the Atomic Design Methodology developed by Brad Frost. It’s already been enormously helpful as a way of tracking our asset upgrades during our recent rebranding exercise. At the same time, we're keeping a holistic view so we don’t end up recreating the same issues that the Atomic Design Methodology is intended to solve. That is, allowing multiple designers to create many different types of components from the "atoms" available, leading to disjointed experiences.

As we continue our work, we’ll carry on developing a manageable and controlled set of components that coexist effectively. Watch this space.

Research Methodology

It’s easy to say that we put customers – both current and potential – at the heart of everything we do. It’s harder to actually live it. Hours spent every week designing, testing, observing, listening and iterating. On the street, in restaurants, in people's’ homes, even on the back of a delivery scooter. But it’s what we do, because we’re passionate about creating a service that people love using.


Our approach to user research is at the centre of this. We constantly strive to understand our customers’ needs and desires, how they think, work and (obviously) eat. So much so that research at Just Eat is everybody’s business. Whatever your job title – if you need access to direct customer contact in order to refine, improve and deliver a piece of work, you get it.

Part of the UX Community

We live and breathe UX, so it’s only natural that we love sharing our knowledge and learning from others. We’re proud contributors to the United Kingdom UX community, hosting regular meet-ups in London and Bristol where guest speakers share tips and tricks, best practices and insights gained from their own work. Members of the Just Eat team are often invited to speak at conferences around the UK and attend even more – on both sides of the Atlantic.


Passionate about acting as ambassadors for the Just Eat brand values in the wider UX world, we Make happy by hosting great UX events in our offices; we’re Razor sharp, sharing our expertise with the design community; and we’re Big hearted, giving our time to educational programs and charities (our very own Sandra González won Expert of the Year in the 2016 Apps for Good Impact Prizes).

UX at Just Eat